Asia Pacific Microwave Conference

5th - 9th December, 2016, New Delhi, India

Located at the Hotel Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi


The 2016 Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC2016) is set to captivate minds and foster innovation in New Delhi, India, from the 5th to 9th of December 2016. This conference, supported by the IEEE MTT Society, promises a deep dive into the realm of microwave engineering, covering RF/microwave, antennas & propagation, and EMC/EMI.

Researchers worldwide are invited to submit their groundbreaking papers for peer review, with accepted works destined for publication on IEEE Xplore. The spectrum of topics includes the latest research results, ensuring a dynamic exchange of ideas and advancements in the field.

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The 2016 Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC2016) will be held in New Delhi, India, from the 5th to 9th of December 2016. APMC2016 is supported by the IEEE MTT Society. Papers submitted to APMC2016 will be peer reviewed. The conference will cover the entire scope of microwave engineering, including RF/microwave, antennas & propagation and EMC/EMI. Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers on their latest research results. All papers presented at the conference will be submitted to IEEE Xplore for publication. Proposals for special sessions, workshops and tutorials are also solicited.

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Submission Website Now Open


Paper submission deadline is extended to 23:59, July 8th, 2016 UTC. This is 05:29, July 9th, 2016 by Indian Standard Time also enter it.


Preliminary paper submissions (3-4 pages in PDF form):- July 8th, 2016
Proposals for special sessions, workshops and tutorials:- June 10th, 2016
Notification of acceptance: - September 2nd, 2016
Final paper submissions: - October 7th, 2016


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